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Wenzel Developments Inc. is part of the Shane Homes Group of Companies and specializes in land acquisition and development.

The Shane Homes Group of Companies includes Shane Homes, Creations by Shane Homes and Wenzel Developments Inc., which specializes in land acquisition and development.

Wenzel Developments oversee’s the acquisition of property and the subsequent planning and contruction for residential and commercial land use. We are a privately owned company with 34 years of experience in the residential industry through the Shane Homes Group of Companies. We provide a broad range of land development services and work collaboratively with our builder/developer partners as well as the city to help develop cost-effective, sustainable solutions for new communities. We have a vast amount of capabilities and experience that can be drawn upon and delivered locally to develop quality communities throughout Calgary and surrounding area.

The business model that has been adopted by Wenzel Developments is the “builder with developer experience’ model and includes inviting other homebuilders into communities in which we develop. This approach has been taken to promote greater cooperation between land developers and builders as well as to provide the city with a better perspective of the challenges facing the task of housing Calgarians. Focusing on a closer working relationship between builder and developer will result in greater efficiencies with a more co-operative approach which will in return help maintain affordability.

Our model brings a full market perspective to the city to work through the challenges to get end results and approvals. The dual bottom line is securing the futures of Wenzel Developments and Shane Homes Group of Companies and maintaining as much affordability as possible for new home buyers.

We currently have residential land holdings in attractive Calgary and surrounding area markets including a 100% ownership of two five-acre parcels of land in Calgary, Alberta’s west end and a 50% share in a third parcel as well as a 90-acre parcel of land in central Airdrie, Alberta. We are also part of a limited partnership that has acquired a 1,000-acre assembly in northeast Calgary. We have a stake in future lands in Airdrie and are partners in land in the future development area between Calgary and Chestermere. We are also currently giving extensive consideration to land in Edmonton, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Our success is in our thorough understanding of the development process, the steps necessary to secure timely approvals and the financial stability that is necessary to develop successful thriving communities. We have a long-term relationship with our staff, trades & suppliers, industry partners, builders, customers, municipalities and consultants.

The community as a whole is important to us, and we believe that our responsibility goes beyond developing fine communities. We follow the principle that generosity and contribution allows everyone to grow and thrive as a community. In keeping with this, we contribute time and resources to scores of charitable endeavours, ranging from medical-research organizations and programs, to community facilities, and as partners in education.

We are committed to always doing the right thing for the right reason, and approaching each day with the highest of integrity. We believe that we are responsible for giving back to our community without a lot of fanfare. We also believe ‘giving back’ is a combination of being able to provide great financial support for organizations that are helping to change lives – while at the same time, giving our time and energy to organizations to help them achieve their goals. We have a particular fondness for programs that benefit children and their families and we support causes that promote health and wellness.

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